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Covid-19 Policies
Download Covid-19 Policies.pdf

  • Parents or children showing signs of influenza, fever, cough, runny nose, sore throat,
    diarrhea or vomiting MUST NOT attend the preschool. This will be strictly enforced.
  • If a child develops symptoms mentioned above during the day, parents will be
    contacted for immediate pickup. The child will be made comfortable in a safe area
    while they wait for parents.
  • If staff develop symptoms during the day all parents will be called to pickup their
  • Children and staff will wash their hands immediately upon arrival and throughout the
    day as necessary. Hand sanitizer will be available at the door.
  • Staff will be requesting updates as to the childrens health upon arrival.
  • A maximum of 3 parents will be allowed in the preschool during pickup and drop off. Please wait outside the door until a space is available and maintain social distancing.
  • Staff will sign children in and out to avoid multiple people using the same pens.
  • All toys and equipment that cannot be easily cleaned have been removed from the
  • Do not bring any toys from home.
  • Surfaces and toys will be cleaned and disinfected throughout the day.
  • Adequate spacing between children during play, snack, circle time and group activities
    will be encouraged.
  • High touch areas, furniture and tables will be cleaned and sanitized after each class.

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Phone: 250 710 4939

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